Stuff that makes us happy

In spring 2018, Laurie Santos, Professor in Psychology and Cognitive science, launched a new course at Yale University. The subject was happiness, and “Psychology and the Good Life; What psychological science says about the good life”, was born.

Never before at Yale had a course on that kind of science or psychology being taught, and so the practice of how to be happy. It became the most popular class in the history of Yale and has with this fact attracted media attention around the globe.

After the success, many people asked for access to the course, and Santos designed an online course for the learning platform Coursera, called The Science of well-being. The course is now available for free, and for everyone to enroll.

“This is the kind of thing that we hope can change your life in a real way, not just by teaching you new content and new information but by really changing your habits. That’s sort of the goal. So, welcome to this new journey. ” Laurie Santos

The main subject of The Science of well-being is how to be happy in our own lives, and Santos can not address enough the importance of turning insights into practice, and to put misconceptions of happiness aside.

Here’s what The Science of well-being covers

Misconceptions about happiness
Why our expectations are so bad
How we can overcome our biases
Stuff that makes us happy
Putting strategies into practice

The free version is the full course, (certificate can be added for 49 USD), and gives you access to all course material. It is 100% online, with flexible deadlines, and takes about 20 hours to complete.

Enroll the course here, and please share it with someone that could have a valuable use for it.

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