Turning to woody and magical Myrrh

The delicate sap of myrrh has been used through ages of times as a luxurious ingredient in perfumes, incense, and rituals around the world and is historically known as one of the symbolic gifts from the wise men, together with Frankincense and gold.

Magical Myrrh is intimately intertwined with its relative Frankincense, not only because of the tales, but because they are both resins from the same botanical family Burseraceae, and myrrh are just like frankincense an aromatic gum resin. It is extracted from the Commiphora (Greek meaning bearing gum), native to Northeastern Africa and Arabian Peninsula.

Myrrh was just like frankincense highly reputed on the ancient trade routes, from which it was distributed to the Mediterranean. The sap was also considered medicinal in many parts of the ancient world, and just like the frankincense, myrrh may carry many natural healing properties. The Egyptians had many uses for them, from treating wounds with myrrh to using frankincense as ingredients in kohl eyeliner to decorate the eyes.

Today, myrrh is mainly used as a fragrance and the warm, woodsy and earthy aroma goes well with Frankincense complementary scent. The magical aroma is found in perfumes, incense, and essential oils. As a burning incense, it is a wonderful addition to any room at home, for cleansing and purifying the space, as a variation to other burning incense such as Sage and Palo Santo. The woodsy scent is also good for strengthening, centering, and balancing purposes.

When buying myrrh, make sure it has been ethically sourced and friendly traded.

Jerusalem myrrh burners for purifying the atmosphere at home

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