Calming remedies with purple aroma

Lavender is a beloved flowering plant in the Mint family known for its beautiful purple tone, earthy floral scent and various therapeutic properties. Lavender origins from the Latin word Lavare, meaning to wash and this is what we often associate the purple flower with back in the days.

Lavender has been used in ancient remedies for numerous purposes and the Arabs, Greeks and Romans all used the purple flowers healing properties, as well as the wonderful scent for beauty remedies. The sweet scent has been popular to scent baths, beds, clothes and even skin and hair. In ancient times, people also made use of Lavenders ability to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and enhance sleep, all because of its relaxing properties.

Dried flowers are used as fragrant filler to freshen linens and closets. It is also great as air freshener spray. 

Lavender and its purple tones that are known to represent and symbolize purity and calmness, can be used as:

Lavender Oil 
Lavender Salve 
Lavender Face Cream and Body Lotion 
Lavender Body Butter 
Lavender Soothing Balm 
Lavender Hand Cream 
Lavender Scrub 
Lavender Soap 
Lavender Smudge

Lavender Flower
DIY Smudge Sticks
Lavender and Rosemary Smudge Stick

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