Genuinely handcrafted hair soaps

Hair Soaps are simply put genuinely produced soaps that cleanse hair and skin. These have fantastically caring properties that enhance peaceful skin, balanced scalp, and natural hair.

Traditional soaps are not a new phenomenon, and their heritage dates back to ancient times. The first makers were Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians as well as the ancient Greeks and Romans. They all mixed oils, fat, and salts, and from the beginning until today, we may be lost ourselves a little bit in a world of options. Adding some extra time while taking care of the skin and hair, will be worth the effort for a strong and balanced skin and hair. We can say goodbye to less friendly shampoo, shower cream, facial cleanser, lotion, and shaving cream with unnecessary chemicals and hello to more friendly alternatives. These soaps are also a great travel company, because of its various users.

The Soaps in this story are carefully made in a coastal village in the North of Sweden, genuinely handcrafted by Malin i Ratan. The soaps are made from organically grown oils, and the essential ingredient is cold-pressed Swedish rapeseed oil. Rehydrating Shea and Avocado are wonderfully caring for dry hair and skin, while Cleansing Red Clay and Rose nurture both body and hair, and Moisturizing Nettle and Birch is a great choice especially for the hair with its deep cleansing green clay and essential oils, kind to hair and scalp.

Simply put, hair soaps leave a lighter footprint on the planet, and they care a little bit extra.

Shea and Avocado, Red Clay & Rose, Nettle and Birch
Nettle and Birch, Red Clay and Rose
Red Clay and Rose

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