Soulful communication with horses

It’s no question that they are the perfect mirror of our vibes, and on a level that may be beyond your consciousness. That’s why horses are our greatest teachers in how to return to our instinctive nature.

Interacting with horses is true in-depth communication and one thing is for sure, alignment with these spiritual and highly sensitive beings requires presence and authenticity from us humans, and if so, new doors will open to inner harmony and balance.

A horse reflects true emotions. If there is a gap between how we pretend to feel and how we feel, they will mirror it. If there is a gap between what we say we want and what we sense we want, they will mirror it. When we accept ourselves fully, they will accept us back. And there is nothing more to it than that.

Simply put, there is no way around interacting honestly with these precious and powerful beings. They thrive on fresh sight and self-integrity. They thrive on their nature, and they can guide us back to the wild soul. It is called soulful communication and it is beyond words.

“What is felt but not seen, what is so, but not so obvious.”

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