Au naturel – Hibiscus hair care

After spending time between sun, wind, and sea, it’s time to battle the post-holiday hair challenges. This deep red and vibrant flower will work wonders to keep your hair in a blooming condition. Hello clean beauty, hello au naturel.

The extracts of Hibiscus flowers hold many healing properties and has been used as a natural remedy in traditional medicine for centuries. The precious & healthy Hibiscus flower belongs to the Mallow family, Malvaceae with hundreds of different species of plants in the world and native to tropical regions. The most popular variety is the Hibiscus Sabdariffa.

Hibiscus contains a natural pigment also found in healthy berries such as elderberry, raspberry, acai, and cranberry to mention a few. The extracts of Hibiscus hold many healing properties and has been used as a natural remedy in traditional medicine for centuries. Egyptians used Hibiscus tea to lower body temperature and to treat heart and nerve diseases, and today it remains a popular herbal remedy around the world for its health properties. In Ayurveda, Hibiscus is one of the most popular herbs for promoting hair growth.

Hibiscus has an exceptional reputation in hair- and skincare because of its natural source of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Amino Acids. The AHAs naturally protect the skin from free radicals and promotes cell renewal. Benefits of Hibiscus for hair and skin:

Strengthens the hair and prevent breakage
Makes the hair more manageable
Improves skin tone and texture
Unblocks and cleans pores
Prevents premature greying

An infusion of hibiscus flowers (1 teaspoon in 1 dl hot water, allow to drain and strain of) has a low pH and works well as a fragrant rinse after hair wash (perfect after a wash of Aleppo soap for instance) as well as a conditioner spray. Hibiscus also restores the pH balance of the scalp.

Dried Hibiscus Flowers
Herbal Tea can be made by steeping Hibiscus flowers in hot water

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