Cleansing with Palo Santo

While ancient remedies and authentic ingredients has been given a new lease on life, the mystical South American tree Palo Santo cannot be left unmentioned as a favoured ritual for releasing energies and purifying your home.

Palo Santo, meaning Holy Wood in Spanish has been given new life to in a modern society as a popular tool for cleansing energies into a space or as a preparation for meditation. However, it was traditionally used in Shamanic rituals as a natural remedy for therapeutic purposes such as headache, stomach discomfort and to reduce stress.

This old-age tree is a part of the citrus family and closely related to both Frakincense and Myrrh. The scent is woody with hints of pine, lemon and mint, and given the richness in limonene, which is the plant’s defense against insects, Palo Santo is also a notable bug repellent. With it’s woodsy-smelling scent it will work wonder for smudging in rooms where you want to get rid of old energies. Yes, smudging is the process of lighting the the incense stick and gently allowing the smoke to be released in the room.

Take notice of the source of this sacred tree. If you want to buy Palo Santo, ensure you are buying it from a sustainable and ethical source like Sacred Wood Essence, or Ecuadorian Hands, so that the farmers and harvesters who make it possible for you to have it, and also that the actually therapeutic oils are present in the wood.

Whether you are looking for a final touch after a house cleaning, clearing a room of low energies or refreshing a room after you’ve had guests over, Palo Santo has never lead someone astray when it comes down to say bye-bye to bad vibes.

Palo Santo wood sticks

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