A clean clay mask to try this fall

Hello hair hydrating mask, goodbye chemicals. Rhassoul is the ancient clay formed under sun in the Moroccan Atlas mountains, today known for it’s deep cleansing and moisturizing properties. This clay is friendly to your skin and hair, and also to the planet.

Rhassoul Clay, also called Ghassoul Clay derives from the original Toponymy Jebel Ghassoul, meaning “The mountain of the washer” in Arabic, and exploited in Morocco. It is a traditional and 100% natural and organic product and in North Africa, Ghassoul has been used for generations as a traditional natural body and hair care remedy.

Rhassoul has been passed down for generations, and was even mentioned for its healing properties by ancient Egyptian papyrus. Even the Greeks and the Romans used it as cure to different health issues, and to cleanse and preserve its natural luster.

Rhassoul can be used as facial and body mask, facial and body scrub, soap, schampoo or hair mask, and will deep cleanse the skin gently and make the hair more shiny and increased volume, with its high content of minerals and a unique composition of silicon, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Clinical studies that has been conducted on Rhassoul, shows that it may:

Reduce dryness
Improve skin clarity
Improve skin elasticity
Improve skin texture
Remove surface oil and oil from inside and around clogged pores
Remove dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin

Rhassoul is friendly to the earth, and free from chemicals.

Rhassoul Clay from Swedish Malin i Ratan
Rhassoul Clay Powder

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