Make your home a healing space with Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago, Feng Shui masters were exploring the unseen and mystical dimensions of the Universal energy called Chi, also known as Qi, with the purpose to discover the influence of this energy on humans’ well-being.

Feng means wind and Shui means water in Chinese and arises from an ancient poem that reflects upon how human life can be in balance if we connect and live in flow with our environment and live in harmony with the natural world. So, the basic principles of Feng Shui come from observations of nature and look at where and how we can position ourselves, and objects to achieve the ultimate flow of energy.

Qi, (Also known as Chi) influences how we feel in a place, depending on whether it can circulate harmoniously or not. It expresses natural energy generated by a combination of both real and abstract sources, such as sunlight, cosmic influences, color vibrations, the movement and quality of the air around us, the flow of water, the nature of our thoughts and emotions, the form of objects, and much more.

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang’s philosophy arises from the Chinese perspective that everything is interconnected and that continuous change is the dynamic process of nature, such as light vs. shade, movement and stillness, and so on. A balance between Yin and Yang creates harmony and stability, as the natural balance becomes disrupted whenever there is too much of one or other.

The Five Elements

Water (Shui)
Wood (Mu)
Fire (Huo
Earth (Tu)
Metal (Jin)

The elements were regarded as the foundation of everything in the universe and natural phenomena in daily life. They are introduced to beneficially influence a living space and the idea that we respond energetically to our environments. We feel different emotions in different places we visit. Feng Shui for homes influences us as we can respond to natural lights, views, colors, plants, and much more.

Basics for energetic alchemy at home

Get rid of things in your home that are broken
Keep the home clean
Change the sheets regularly
Open the windows
Let sunlight in
Have plants and fresh flowers
Purify the home with natural incense (Frankincense or Myrrh is a great option)

Our response to the atmosphere may influence our mood, energy levels, and more, why Feng Shui looks to create a space with ideal characteristics to achieve the flow of energy and balance.

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