Awaken your feminine essence with Yin

The spirit of fall calls us to a deeper, inner world where to dream, imagine, and create. Here’s how to tap into the soft and feminine essence of Yin energy.

Scented candles, warm salt baths, wool blankets, and long outdoor walks. Energetically, fall is a time to retreat into stillness and nourish yourself. Today’s busy track of life is serving performance and achievement on the main menu, while relax and recharge are seen as a luxury—like a dessert on the menu that we indulge in on special occasions. The beautiful thing with a balance is, that the more time we take time to stop “doing” and just “be,” the more we recharge our inner spirit—which in turn lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

The ancient symbol Yin and Yang represents our need for balance. They are each others opposite energy, where masculine Yang is considered to be the active and dynamic opposite of feminine Yin, representing stillness, and reflection. A balance between yin and yang is needed for harmony to arise, in our lives, in our work, and our home. Think as yang representing the sun, Yin representing the moon.

Here’s how to awaken and nourish the feminine yin energy.

Practice Mindfulness

Being in the present moment is mesmerizing for your soul. Just paying attention to the flow of your breath, from inhalation to exhalation are a fantastic way to experience two contrasts that interact with each other and together provide complete harmony. Read more about Mindfulness and meditation here.

Soothe your senses

Surround yourself with beauty. Music, art, flowers, scents—you name it. Just come up with anything that will spark joy and awaken your senses. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our Daily Planet Earth playlist right here.

Express yourself

Dance like nobody’s watching—right? Journaling, painting, yes whatever makes your heart sing, go for it, and let go of the performance.

Add a feminine touch to the interior

While yang may represent elements like lights, colors, and plants, yin represent soft materials, scents, and calmer colors. Make sure the balance between them both are present in your rooms at home. Opposites in the home may be feminine vs masculine, white vs black, hard vs soft, straight vs round, high vs low, dark vs light, sun vs shade.

Simply put, fall allows us to find those inner creative sparks, new ideas, and dreams that we can put into action when our energy is naturally more aligned with actively doing things.

“Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little she achieves her work.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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