The secret of ancient beauty rituals

If you’re looking to cut down on toxic shampoo ingredients, plastic waste, and at the same time keep your hair feeling soft and hydrated with nourishing ingredients, this ancient soap has got you covered. This is the ancient secret to zero waste.

Aleppo Soap is a traditional handmade soap of olive- and laurel oil with deep nurturing properties. It is a fantastic non-chemical substitute for traditional hair wash, very simple to use and effective when made with a gentle touch.

The natural hair wash routine covers the full ritual of an ordinary hair wash, from cleansing soap to nurturing herb infusion to maintain the pH balance. The method of washing with clean products avoids dehydrating sulfates and environmentally harmful silicones, why Aleppo soap function as a basic washing product. An additional herbal rinse is used after the washing to set the right balance.

The first step is cleansing the hair with the Aleppo soap with a careful massage until the soap lathers well. Then carefully rinse. The next step is to rinse with a herbal infusion. Leave the infusion for a short while and rinse. End the washing with cold water. The technique may vary because of every individual hair, so a couple of times may be needed to find the right method.

An infusion of the Hibiscus flower is a real hair booster as nurturing as strengthening for the hair. But there are many other options for the infusion such as Chamomile, Nettle, Marigold, etc. An infusion of hibiscus flowers (1 teaspoon in 1 dl hot water, allow to drain and strain of) has a low pH and works well as a fragrant rinse after hair wash as well as conditioner spray. Hibiscus also restores the pH balance of the scalp.

As with all new routines, there may be a transition before the hair is used to a new and natural balance. A high-quality Aleppo Soap only contains Olive oil, cleansing, and Laurel oil, nurturing.

Traditional Aleppo Soap with 24% Laurel oil
A Natural hair wash routine
Ecologic Hibiscus Flower

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