Zen decor ideas for your home

Now we look east to the country where people celebrate the simple. Heard about the meaning of busy in Japanese? It means to lose your heart. In other words, if we’re too busy living a modern life, perhaps we are losing a part of our heart. Here are the Zen lessons that will align your home with your energy.

Shunmyo Masuno is an award-winning Zen garden designer, and the author of the book The Art of Simple Living, applying centuries of ancient wisdom to modern life. And the meaning of zen is just that – serenity and calm.

Go-to rituals that will infuse Zen into your home

Keep your feet on the ground
Simply means, lining up your shoes. Easy right? The entrance is the room that sets the tone for your entire home. Have a look when arriving home, and maybe you will find out that there is more to it than just coming home. In Zen Buddhism, chaos in the mind reflects your feet, and the shoe shelf is said to reflect how the people living there feel in their souls.

Clear the clutter
Every end is a new beginning and for our physical environment, it means to get rid of old things. Before you leap to shop new clothes, furniture, decor, yes anything that will bring sparks to your home, make sure that you remove things that no longer serve you.

Get organized
Many of us are now having a shared space working and living. The order of our physical environment reflects inner peace, why you will thank yourself for ending the day by organizing your workspace and leave a harmonious space to arrive the next day. Cleaning also cleanses our senses, and this goes for all our rooms in our home.

Necessities only
Yes, the luxury of choices is also the problem of choices, it can create exhaustion which is everything but zen. Before you head out shopping, look for new uses for the things you already have. Select carefully and purchase items that are aligned with the aesthetic and functional qualities that are appealing to you.

Decorate with simplicity 
Simplicity in your rooms will bring peace to the mind. Go for fewer things and things that you like and enjoy, rather than crave at the moment. With various harmonizing elements, the energy in your home will be stabilized. Read more about the principles of Feng Shui here, and to harmonize your home with crystals, read here

Take your time
Dwell on the beauty of everyday rituals. Too often we miss embracing magical moments of our daily rituals. Making the first coffee in the morning, taking a bath, breathing fresh air – let your rituals take their time, and dull moments will be swept away.

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