Hair infusion with Chamomile Flowers

We’re are all looking for some inspiration for the year ahead and clean beauty is on everyone’s lips and for good reasons too. With non-toxic products and remedies we can transform our beauty routines to more friendly alternatives that actually works. The wonderful and ancient chamomile flower is one of them.

Being used for thousands of years as a remedy for relaxing purposes for the body and mind Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to today’s society. Traditionally it has been used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and healing medicine. Today the fragrant flower is widely used all over the world especially in herbal teas and about a million cups are consumed every day. But it’s also an amazing remedy for body and mind thanks to it’s calming properties, why it’s a favorite product in aromatherapy.

There are numerous of remedies made of this fragrant flower, and the most known are in the form of herbal tea, but not less popular is the soothing effect of using it in your skin and hair care, especially since it’s 100% natural and nourishing.

Chamomile gives a beautiful golden tint to the hair and is also cherished as a hair tonic to nourish and strengthen the hair and promote hair growth. You can even use chamomile in place of your conditioner as it helps to soften and moisturize the hair and restores its natural shine. On top of that, chamomile is also used to soothe the scalp and may help with dandruff.

Chamomile is an ancient remedy used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing medicine.
Ecologic dried chamomile flowers to use in your skin and hair care routines.
A detox infusion is made with natural chamomile and bicarbonate

Nourishing Hair Infusion

Boil a liter of water and add a handful of chamomile flowers 

Let soak for up to one hour

Strain of the flowers and rinse your hair

Cleansing Detox Infusion

Boil half a liter of water and add one tablespoon of chamomile flowers

Let soak for 5 minutes

Strain of the flowers 

Add one tablespoon bicarbonate and let it soak until it’s smooth 

Massage into damp hair, leave for a couple of minutes, and rinse

Finish with a hibiscus infusion

This is a natural remedy with 100% friendly ingredients that will leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

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