El Camino de Santiago Compostela, Spain

Day 1 – Stockholm to San Jean Pied de Port The flight went from Stockholm, to a small airport in Biarritz in France, and then a short bus trip to Bayonne where I met up my lovely Rose. So we spent the day walking around Bayonne, visiting the big cathedral, shopping local basque cheese, drinking…

Jebel Akhdar, Oman

Jebel Akhdar, meaning The Green Mountain in Arabic refers specifically to Saiq Plateau, a 2000 meter above sea level plateau and also the highest part of the Hajar mountain. Here you experience the mountains’ panoramic views, small authentic villages and traditional rose-water distilleries, from the regions famous Damascus Roses. Here you also will find green…

Sharqiya Sands, Oman

Al Sharqiya Sands, also known as Wahiba Sands, was in the very beginning home to the Bedouins of Bani Wahiba Tribe. The name arises from the Arabic word bedu, meaning desert dweller, and about 3000 bedouins from various tribes still live a traditional nomadic life in the constantly moving desert sands. Sharqiya Sands are located…

Arabian Sea, Oman

Arabian Sea does not only stretch it’s coastline 3000 km. It is also known by many names. Going back to the Roman period, it was known as The Erythraean Sea by the Europeans, while the Vedic Indians called it Sindhu Sagar and Bahr al-Arab (Sea of the Arabs) by the arabs. Along the coast you…

Eastern Coast, Oman

A scenic route from Muscat to Sur. Discover a land of ever-changing desert dunes, pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, and spectacular mountains.

Djerbahood, Tunisia

An authentic village with Street Art from artists from diverse cultures. ”When people travel, they want a story, they want to be a part of something” Leila Ben-Gacem

Nizwa, Oman

Arts & Crafts surrounded by Oman’s highest mountains